3-Session Packages

Our clients love a great deal and our package pricing is awesome.  When purchased as a 3-session package, clients enjoy the same pricing per session as we offer to new clients:

60-Minute 3-Session Package....$162

​90-Minute 3-Session Package....$237

120-Minute 3-Session Package..$312

Zen Flex & Stretch Classes ~ Wednesdays at 5:30pm 

Ideal flexibility is the capacity to move freely in every intended position.  A lack of flexibility can lead to injuries, postural imbalances or just generally makes daily life more difficult.  This class, led by Tara, involves light, active movements, stretching exercises, holding positions and poses all to promote circulation, enhance posture, reduce muscle tension and joint stress, increase relaxation and reduce stress.  Each session consists of a light warm-up, main work out and ends with some guided relaxation/meditation.  Please plan to bring your own yoga mat and dress comfortably.  Maximum of 8 participants per class.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN A CLASS

First Session Savings

New to Nirvana?  Discover why we're quickly growing into the Northshore's massage destination with a special offer just for Nirvana newbies:  

60-Minute Session...$54
90-Minute Session...$79
120-Minute Session...$104

(Please mention this offer at the time you reserve your visit.)

At Nirvana Massage Therapy, our team of massage therapists is dedicated to providing consistent, custom tailored, high-quality therapeutic massage.  Combining technique and experience, our goal is to relieve pain, release stress, improve performance and restore balance to mind and body.  We offer a variety of modalities including deep tissue, lymphatic massage, Ashiatsu, and more...

Reserve a session and discover your Nirvana!

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