Nirvana's Team

Communication between our clients and therapists is a must. If our pressure isn’t ‘just right’, please let us know.  Nirvana Massage Therapy understands that the same therapy isn’t appropriate for every client, so sessions begin with a review of your history and therapy is customized to provide you the most benefit. Clients come to us for different reasons. Many come to us for our deep tissue, others for sports massage to rehab an injury or as part of their training program. Whatever brings you to Nirvana Massage Therapy, we look forward to helping you achieve greater wellness.

1 Sanctuary Boulevard, Suite 306

Mandeville, LA  70471


Tara Whitley, LMT
License# 7703

Tara honed her massage talents under Susan Salvo, a renowned and respected massage therapist who wrote the book, literally, for massage therapy students.  Tara is awesome at relaxation massage, but is also gifted at targeted bodywork.  She specializes in Ashiatsu (aka Barefoot Massage), deep muscle therapy, trigger point therapy, sports massage, massage for clients with arthritis, and M.S., clients with cancer (before, during and after chemo), hot stones, reflexology, and gentle touch massage for the elderly.  Whichever massage style you prefer, you will love her intuitive technique. 

Kourtney Hotard, LMTLicense #5130

Some massages "hurt so good," and others just plain hurt. The goal isn't to cause more pain.  Kourtney is dedicated to staying within a client's comfort-threshold, using skillful muscle specific techniques, while providing a relaxing experience. Kourtney has been licensed since 2009 and aims to melt away chronic muscular issues, manage headaches, improve post work out recovery,  and promote a better quality of life. Make the investment of your health a priority by including Kourtney as an integral part of your health and wellness regimen..

Michael Brown, LMT 
License# 5901

Michael is lead therapist and owner of Nirvana Massage Therapy.  Michael has built a reputation for exceptional deep tissue massage, sports-injury therapy, post-surgical therapy as well as targeted massage for occupation related body-stress.  Michael is a nationally registered healthcare provider, and visits may qualify for reimbursement from medical plans that provide a benefit for medical massage.  

Michael hails from Northern California, and he is proud to bring a west-coast concept for medical massage to the northshore. He looks forward to partnering with clients to promote healing and wellness.