Michael Brown, LMT 
License# 5901

Michael is lead therapist and owner of Nirvana Massage Therapy.  Michael has built a reputation for exceptional deep tissue massage, sports-injury therapy, post-surgical therapy as well as targeted massage for occupation related body-stress.  Michael is a nationally registered healthcare provider, and visits may qualify for reimbursement from medical plans that provide a benefit for medical massage.  

Michael hails from Northern California, and he is proud to bring a west-coast concept for medical massage to the northshore. He looks forward to partnering with clients to promote healing and wellness.

Nirvana's Team

Communication between our clients and therapists is a must. If our pressure isn’t ‘just right’, please let us know.  Nirvana Massage Therapy understands that the same therapy isn’t appropriate for every client, so sessions begin with a review of your history and therapy is customized to provide you the most benefit. Clients come to us for different reasons. Many come to us for our deep tissue, others for sports massage to rehab an injury or as part of their training program. Whatever brings you to Nirvana Massage Therapy, we look forward to helping you achieve greater wellness.

Madeleine Kaizer, Practice Administrator

Madeleine joined the Nirvana team in December 2016.  She's the happy voice you'll hear when you call Nirvana, as well as the person who responds to all text and email communications.  Madeleine is a customer-service junkie who enjoys connecting with Nirvana clients.  She welcomes the opportunity to help ensure clients receive their ideal therapeutic massage experience!

Gabrielle Fristoe, LMT
License# 8505

Gabrielle embraces the mind-body connection in her approach to therapeutic massage. Her bodywork style includes aspects of all modalities, exploratory and intuitive, focusing on increasing range of motion by incorporating deep tissue, active release and myofascial techniques as needed. Dedicated to learning, she has earned a degree in psychology and is working toward certification in Yoga Therapy.  She is a proud Covington native!

1 Sanctuary Boulevard, Suite 306

Mandeville, LA  70471


Aubrey Davis, LMT
License# 7319

Aubrey Davis has been an LMT for 7+ years.  She listens intently to what the body needs, using deep tissue techniques, and range of motion testing to thoroughly determine the optimal plan to relieve pain. If you're looking for maximum relaxation that is "knot" a problem - she's an expert at delivering just the right amount of pressure to get the best result for her clients.  Aubrey is a Louisiana native and new resident to the Northshore. She and her husband enjoy traveling and look forward to their next adventure!